Faithful: Is Going to Church Enough to Be Considered Faithful?

March 03, 2024

This sermon challenges common beliefs about what it looks like to be faithful. It contrasts empty legalism with true, transformative faithfulness. This faithfulness stems from a heart God's grace has touched. The message urges us to move beyond just attending church or following norms. It calls for deep engagement with God's mercy and teachings. A life the Holy Spirit inspires and guides is the goal. We delve into biblical stories like the Israelites and the bronze snake. We also explore teachings from Paul and Jesus. The sermon reveals what it looks like for us to be truly faithful in a life-changing relationship with God. This relationship transforms our hearts and actions. It is based on gratitude, trust, and obedience.

This sermon is a part of our Value Series. To learn more about the values of our church, visit our website's about page.