How Do We Move Forward When God’s Plan Is Unclear?

In this sermon, Pastor Matt Hall explores Acts 1:1-13, addressing the disciples' uncertainty after Jesus' ascension. How do we move forward when God's plan is unclear? Join us as we unpack the tension of waiting and seeking our role in God's mission.

Pastor Matt highlights the disciples' questions and doubts, mirroring our own desire for clear answers. Despite witnessing Jesus' miracles, they struggled with expectations of an earthly kingdom and confusion over Jesus' command to wait for the Holy Spirit.

Discover how Jesus' promise of the Holy Spirit transforms their perspective from earthly power to divine empowerment. This sermon challenges us to embrace uncertainty, trust the Holy Spirit's guidance, and step boldly into God's future for us.

  • Feeling stuck in uncertainty?
  • Struggling to understand God's plan for your life?
  • Looking for inspiration to move forward in faith?

This message is for you. Let's journey together through Acts 1:1-13 and find hope and direction in the midst of life's uncertainties.